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Our philosophy is to ensure complete security with cutting edge protection and loss prevention services. We understand that each client is unique and requires different focus in the safety & security needs. Therefore we introduce a unique security solution for each client. This integrated approach of planning and execution of client specific service is unique in the field of private security firms.

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Security Services

  • Guarding and security related service.
  • Electronic safety and security and system.
  • Threat & Risk analysis.
  • Security automated systems.
  • VIP/Executive protection.
  • Investigation and preventive measures.
  • Arrangements at special events.
  • Critical Vulnerability study.
  • Intensive training services.


Unicorn Securities is one of India's fastest growing and single focused company in security sector. Founded in 2010, we have made very fast and strong in roads in the industry. We have been providing trusted security services with unmatched excellence and integrity to clients ranging from large multinational corporations, offices, factories, hotels, industrial construction sites, warehouses, residences, shops, export houses, government establishment and many more all over India. Unicorn founded, and run by high-ranking retired officers from the Indian police forces. Unicorn Securities has a rare breed of professionals from who delivers what commits on time with utmost confidentiality and secrecy.

UNICORN Securities has been set up with a thrust to focus on the areas where investigation and security services play a major role, needs better solutions and services. A result oriented performance with personal attention and confidentiality has always been an accelerating factor in the growth of company being in the industry of Proud, Intelligence and Risk management.


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In-house Training at UNICORN Group

Each UNICORN securities guard undergoes a rigorous training program conducted by our training Institute, providing world-class skills in protection, combat, fire-fighting, materials control & accounting, as well as soft skills such as courtesy and positive attitude.